Fulfillment and Returns Management

Our Warehousing Offers

Our Warehousing Offers


You don't yet have a logistics provider in Germany who ships your goods? Then take advantage of our fulfilment offer! In our strategically well located warehouse in Norderstedt near Hamburg, we can store and ship your goods and also accept returns. Depending on your needs, we have put together two service packages for you:

Icon | Easy Logistics Package

Easy Logistics Package

  • ✔ Integration of your shop with our fulfillment software
  • ✔ Professional storage on shelves/pallets
  • ✔ Pick & Pack (incl. standard packaging, filling material)
  • ✔ EU wide shipping (Mon-Fri via DHL, GLS, DPD with shipping confirmation incl. tracking number)

from €93/month

Icon | Easy Logistics Package Plus

Easy Logistics Package Plus

  • ✔ Easy Logistics Package + returns management
  • ✔ Receiving, processing, inspecting and restocking returned items (or disposing them if needed)
  • ✔ Processing returns within 7 work days
  • ✔ Providing return reports every 2 weeks

from €93/month + €4.50 per returned item

To make the returns process easier for you and your customers, we can also set up a returns portal (both for your shop customers and marketplace customers). You can book this service as an addition to the Easy Logistics Plus Package.

And here is an overview of our fulfilment service prices*:

Shipments/Month up to 500 up to 1,000 from 2,000
Pick&Pack rate per shipment (1 item)
Per package with 1 item (being in a mailorder box)



Pick&Pack rate per shipment (1< items)
Per package with several items
+ per item
+ wrapping paper/standard box (incl. filling material)



Shipping (DHL, DPD, GLS) from 3.25 from 3.25 from 3.25
Price per pallet (once for incoming goods) 14.00 13.50 13.00
Price per package (once for incoming goods) 10.00 9.50 9.00
Technical onboarding (integration with Sage)
You already work with Sage
You provide us with an access to your MMS
or we install a "Sage to MMS" interface for you


to effort


to effort


to effort
Monthly service fee 39.90 59.90 79.90
Returns management per returned item from 4.50 from 4.50 from 4.50
Price per mixed goods pallet for commissioning 6.50 6.50 6.50
Price per stoarge space/month 4.50 4.50 4.50
Number of stored pallets (Euro pallet) up to 10 up to 50 from 100
Price per storage pallet/month 8 7.50 7

The prices serve as a guide and vary according to individual customer requirements. Not every online shop and every retailer has standardised processes. We work flexibly and can respond to individual customer wishes. We will be happy to create a customised offer for you.

Order flat rate

Printing of delivery note and shipping label per package, shipping notification to you and the shop customer (incl. tracking number), pick and pack for items in boxes ready for shipping; otherwise plus €0.60 (wrapping paper) or €2.00 (box up to approx. 37.5 × 30 × 13.5) for standard packaging incl. filling material (without special packaging).


EU-wide by DHL, DPD and GLS from Mon-Fri daily until 12:00 am; from €3.25 (goods shipment by DHL in D); prices include the usual liability for the respective shipping service providers (usually up to max. €500).

Incoming goods

Processing of incoming goods within 48 hours incl. external quantity and quality check; goods are made ready for dispatch.

Technical onboarding

If you use Sage, the setup is free of charge for you. Otherwise, we can offer you the setup of an interface or you grant us access to your Merchandise Management System (MMS). Which solution is more cost-effective depends on your MMS and online store software. We will be happy to advise you on this topic.

Returns management

Returns are processed (inspection, disposal if necessary, restocking and rebooking into the inventory management system) within 7 working days; € 1.40 acceptance + € 1.20 inspection + € 1.90 storage/disposal (the costs for the inspection of the returned articles may vary depending on the product type and the return rate; the same applies to the storage/disposal as it depends on how time-consuming it is to process the goods ready for dispatch/environmentally friendly disposal); plus any return costs incurred by the carrier; a report on the returns received is sent every 14 days.


Properly sorted storage on shelves or on pallets; no goods with expiry dates, no refrigerated items, no hazardous goods, no glass and bottle shipments; one storage space is one third of a Euro pallet (approx. 0.48 m2 floor space); to keep pick and pack costs low for you, we provide mixed pallets of your goods directly for picking (depending on how diversified your portfolio is, it can be one or more pallets);

Monthly communication and service fee

One specific contact person for organisation and administration activities; price applies per shop/marketplace interface.

*All prices quoted are net in euros and for standard processes | Additional services (enclosure of flyers, return slip, unbreakable dispatch, etc.) at cost | The prices quoted assume a contract term of at least 6 months;