Design and Technical Support/Maintenance of Online Stores

Online Shop Design and Technical Support


Would you like to sell your products online? We would be happy to design a shop according to your ideas - whether B2C or B2B. Our eCommerce websites are based on the software Magento.

Logo | Magento

Why Magento? It's a comprehensive "One Backend-Multi Frontend" system

Magento, released in 2008, is one of the most comprehensive and scalable eCommerce systems in the world. With minimal effort, any number of independent shops can be operated. It offers numerous design options (customisations are possible in 99% of cases), but the basic version alone already includes all the necessary functions.​​

Icon | Modular structure

Modular structure – uncomplicated addition of functions

Icon | Easy connection to payment service providers

Easy connection to payment service providers like Stripe, PayPal

Icon | Easy connection to portals such as Amazon

Easy connection to portals such as Amazon; many interfaces to systems such as ERP, CRM

Depending on your wishes and requirements, we offer three different packages for the design of your very own B2C shop. We also offer a premium package that includes technical support on a monthly basis: security checks, software updates and patches, consultation and Magento support. Optionally, you can also book customer support for your shop via email, phone and/or chat window (social media and Whatsapp or live chat). A one-time setup fee is charged for setting up a chat window in the shop for live conversation or contact via Whatsapp and social media. Otherwise, the monthly support costs depend on the number of support requests. If you are interested in the design of a B2B shop, simply contact us. We will provide you with a personal offer tailored to your needs. Of course, we can also customise the B2C packages if wanted.

Icon | Silver Package

Silver Package B2C

  • ✔ Concept & layout
  • ✔ Online shop design (15 category sites, About us, Shopping Guide, Terms & Conditions, Site Notice, Data Protection Policy, Contact)
  • ✔ GDPR-compliant cookie management
  • ✔ Connections to payment service providers


Icon | Gold Package

Gold Package B2C

  • ✔ Silver Package
  • ✔ Another CMS page (e.g. Blog, Info for resellers, ...)
  • ✔ Videos on product pages
  • ✔ Integration of Google Analytics 4 via Google Tag Manager: Tracking of pages, buttons, videos, downloads, enhanced eCommerce data


Icon | Platinum Package

Platinum Package B2C

  • ✔ Gold Package
  • ✔ Setup chat window
  • ✔ Setup newsletter registration form or other (calendar, another CMS-page) incl. GA4 Tracking
  • ✔ Product feeds: Google Merchant Center, Social Media Catalogue, Affiliate Network (e.g. Adcell)


Icon | Premium Package

Premium Package

  • ✔ Monthly updates & patches for Magento
  • ✔ Support in using Magento (2 hrs/month)
  • ✔ Regular Magento security checks and consultations about extensions
  • ✔ Customer support via email, phone and chat window (optional)

€250 per month
+ Customer Support*

If you provide us with a CSV containing the relevant product data, we will also be happy to import your products into the shop for a small extra charge. If a Merchandise Management System (MMS) or Product Information Management (PIM) system is available, we can also connect it to the Magento shop via an interface. You can find more information on this under shop management.

*All prices are net and serve standard requirements | excl. possible licence costs and fees for server hosting, payment service provider, seal of approval (e.g. Trusted Shops), cookie consent tool, newsletter tool, etc. | Individual adjustments according to effort;

Implementation of Management Software (MMS/ERP, PIM)

Implementing a Merchandise Management System/Enterprise Resource Planning System


Our goal is to offer our customers a shop solution that is not only scalable, but also highly automated. This allows you to concentrate on your core business and rely on your shop processes running smoothly and reliably.

This includes a well-connected Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or at least a Merchandise Management System (MMS) so that the orders from the shop are automatically transferred to a system that updates the stock, creates the delivery note and invoice, sends out the order and shipping confirmation to customers, stores a tracking number and much more. If you do not yet have such management system - or are dissatisfied with your current one - we recommend setting up the ERP software Odoo.

Logo | Odoo

Why Odoo? It's an All-In-One-Solution that covers all important functions

Odoo ERP is one of the fastet growing ERP systems in the world today. Is is an open source ERP that not only covers all eCommerce-related functions like warehouse and inventory management but also all classic ERP operational processes such as financial accounting, sales, production etc. And it is freely usable in the community version (with few exceptions).

Icon | Multi store

The module is able to address several stores in parallel

Icon | DMS & CRM system

It has a first-class integrated DMS and CRM system – perfect for the sales team!

Icon | Modular structure

Odoo is modular, works fully integrated and is expandable/freely scalable as needed

Here, too, we offer three packages for implementing Odoo, depending on individual requirements:

Icon | Silver Package

Silver Package MMS/ERP

  • ✔ Installation of Standard Odoo Community
  • ✔ Setup of modules Sales / Finances / Warehousing
  • ✔ Basic business setup
  • ✔ Basic warehouse management
  • ✔ Basic training


Icon | Gold Package

Gold Package MMS/ERP

  • ✔ Silver Package
  • ✔ Basic process analysis
  • ✔ Delivery routes and administration of warehouse locations
  • ✔ Warehouse routes for drop shipment
  • ✔ Project module
  • ✔ Basic introduction


Icon | Platinum Package

Platinum Package MMS/ERP

  • ✔ Gold Package
  • ✔ Setup Live Chat
  • ✔ Extensive process analysis
  • ✔ Implementation of 3 Pro Modules (e.g. production)

from €49,000*

If you already have a system that covers all other processes necessary for your company (e.g. purchasing, sales, customer relationship management, etc.) and want to keep it, or are generally looking for a straightforward solution because the order volume and number of sales channels are manageable, we also offer the implementation of barcode shipping – a cost-effective alternative. Please contact us for more information.

*All prices quoted are net and cover standard processes | Individual adjustments at cost;

Implementing a PIM System


Finally, we advise our customers with a large product portfolio and expansion plans to introduce a product data management system. We would be happy to advise you on this and take over the implementation of a system for Product Information Management (PIM). We have had very good experiences with the Open Source solution Akeneo. If you are interested, we would be happy to explain the advantages and disadvantages of a PIM system and evaluate whether it makes sense for your eCommerce business.

The setup costs depend on the necessary scope of the system, which in turn is determined by the characteristics of your portfolio. An initial brief needs analysis is free of charge. If this shows that a PIM system makes sense, an in-depth process analysis (including consideration of the existing IT infrastructure) will follow on request in order to precisely assess the optimisation potential and to be able to quantify the costs for a setup and integration with your shop.

If you already collect your product data in a system and "only" need an online store, we will be happy to connect the new shop to your PIM system. You can find more information on this under shop management. Simply write to us and let us develop a customised shop solution for your company together. We are convinced that we can help you.