Integration of your Online Shop with Administration Software (MMS/ERP, PIM)

Integrating your Online Store with an MMS/ERP system and/or PIM system


If it is a question of integrating your Magento eCommerce website with the ERP software Odoo or the PIM software Akeneo, we offer the following two service packages:

Icon | Odoo–Magento

Odoo–Magento Integration Package

  • ✔ Installation of a Magento interface in Odoo
  • ✔ Setup of synchronisation rules
  • ✔ Connecting warehouse management to Magento
  • ✔ Basic Training for using Odoo Software


Icon | Akeneo-Magento

Akeneo-Magento Integration Package

  • ✔ Connecting Akeneo to Magento
  • ✔ Integration of Akeneo Product Categories
  • ✔ Create synchronisation interval
  • ✔ Basic Training for using Akeneo Software


If you use a eCommerce software other than Magento, we can also connect it to Odoo or Akeneo on request. However, the costs for the corresponding interface may then differ from the price stated for Magento. The same applies in the event that an ERP system and/or PIM system already exists that is now to be connected to a Magento shop. If you have installed software other than Odoo or Akeneo, we must first examine the existing systems in order to be able to estimate the costs for an interface.

Displaying your products on Marketplaces

Integrating your Online Store to Marketplaces and/or Listing your products on Marketplaces


We are happy to integrate your Magento shop with Amazon and ebay so that the product data stored in Magento is automatically transferred to these marketplaces and the order data is automatically transferred back to Magento (see "Magento Marketplace Integration Package" below). If you need an interface from Magento to Otto and Kaufland, we can implement this for you as well. However, the price here depends on the desired degree of automation. Please feel free to contact us in this regard.

Of course, you can also list your products on all marketplaces without an interface by entering the product data directly on the platforms and transferring the orders manually to the shop system or your merchandise management system.

If you need support with this, you can fall back on our "Marketplace Product Listing Package". We will help you list your products on Amazon, ebay, Otto, Kaufland and Galaxus. If you provide us with a CSV file containing all important product data, we will adapt and upload the texts, images and videos according to the guidelines of the respective platforms.

Icon | Magento–Marketplace Integration Package

Magento–Marketplace Integration Package

  • ✔ Integration of your shop with Amazon and ebay
  • ✔ Initial setup of the required M2E account
  • ✔ Definition of the parameters for one product category (more upon request)

from €930

Icon | Marketplace Product Listing Package

Marketplace Product Listing Package

  • ✔ Amazon, ebay, Otto, Kaufland, Galaxus
  • ✔ Platform-specific content optimisation (description, pictures, videos)
  • ✔ Amazon Pro Upgrade: A+ Content, keyword optimised texts

from €50/product/marketplace*

The price for listing a product depends on the total number of products and marketplaces. Above a certain number, you enjoy a quantity discount, which means: the higher the number of products and marketplaces, the lower the price per product per marketplace.

For your Amazon listings, we also offer an Amazon Pro Upgrade per product (from €500 per product group with max. 5 products). Together with our media design team, we create A+ content for your products and a detailed keyword analysis to optimise your Amazon product texts for search. Only like this, your products will be found quickly on Amazon. If you would like to learn more about our services in the area of marketplace advertising, take a look at shop marketing.

We are always at your disposal and look forward to hearing from you.

*All prices quoted are net and cover standard processes | Individual adjustments at cost;